Our Works
  1. Organizing annual seminars to honor the veterans who are active in peace promotions with the presence of government ministers, mayors and municipality managers, army commanders and the local administrators.
  1. The unveiling ceremony of the “Peace” book and the registered logo of Sarbaz Solh

3. Organizing quarterly conferences on peace focusing on kids, family and society, art, sport, women, youths, etc.

  1. Launching educational courses on Peace

5. Organizing ECO Peace Conference In Tehran (Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, And Uzbekistan)

6.Setting Up Local Chapters In Provinces And Their Affiliated Cities.

7. Organizing The Medical Peace Tour (The Peace Bus) For The Volunteer Physicians, Dentists And Nurses To Have Periodic Visits Of The Residents Of The Deprived Areas, Free Of Charge.

8. Sending the peace mountain climbing team to Everest and presenting the “White Pickaxe” to the Minister of Tourism of Nepal as the peace symbol.
It is now kept in the Sports Museum of Nepal.

9. In order to help the family economy and to improve the quality of life for the veterans and the peace promoters throughout the country, we are negotiating with entrepreneurs, domestic manufacturers and service providers to hand out noticeable discounts to these honored members and their families.

10. Issuing Peace Cards for both Veterans and the Peace Promoters