The House of Iran’s Peace Corps

About Us

Khaneh Sarbaz Solh Iran (The House of Iran’s Peace Corps) is the main and the leading Non-Governmental Organization in Iran focusing on PEACE promoting and education.

Our Vision

To build a society with sustainable prosperity, safety and welfare where all the citizens are away from any kind of violence against human beings and the nature.

Our Mission

  1. To foster a culture of peace through education
  2. To create a sustainable movement for peace
  3. To promote sustainable economic and social development
  4. To value the contribution of Iranian culture for dialogue and reconciliation
  5. To establish cross-border cooperation with international organizations

Our Goals

  1. Strengthening links between Education and Culture to build educational curricula and effective training to promote the culture of peace in Iran.
  2. Establishing delegate offices in all local cities and provinces to expand the programs and plans.
  3. Organizing peace campaigns, festival and events in all cities focusing on peace in the family, school, work, society, environment and nature.
  4. Honoring the veterans who have experienced the bitter sides of the wars and now try hard to prevent any kinds of social conflicts.
  5. Establishing a nation-wide innovation center to help the peace oriented startups grow up and flourish.
  6. Cooperating with local entrepreneurs and manufacturers to provide good pricing offers for the members to reduce their life costs.
  7. Partnering with international peace foundations and organizations to exchange experiences, productions, case studies and reports.
  8. Organizing peace tours for domestic and international tourists

Hoping for a world full of peace

The House of Iran’s Peace Corps